How to discuss racism and tolerance with your kids. Try these ideas to start the conversation today.

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What To Do If The Racist Is Your Family Member
Your father may not have a racist manifesto, but is his social media feed full of demeaning memes about Black politicians? You may have looked away to protect your own peace. But protecting your own peace can come at a cost, and the cost is that racism unchecked is racism that grows.
A Texas Student Who Was Suspended and Banned From Graduation Over His Locs Is Fighting for Them in Court
Treyvion Gray says the dress code at his Needville school is discriminatory after spending weeks out of class because of his locs. If passed, the Crown Act would protect hairstyles like his.
A Seventh Grade Social Studies Teacher Had Students Pick Cotton as a Class Activity
A teacher at School of the Arts in Rochester, New York is on administrative leave after putting students in shackles and instructing them to pick cotton.
Black Identity and What it Means To Be 'Black Enough'
Black children receive many messages on what it means to be "Black enough." Instead of telling children how Blackness should be performed, experts recommend teaching them about the diversity of Black communities.
Ahmaud Arbery's Case Makes It Hard To Allow My Black Son to Just Be a Kid
A Black mom of four explains her frustration in simply not feeling comfortable letting her youngest son go outside to play—especially after Ahmaud Arbery's murderers were found guilty of hate crimes.
Black Children Experience Racism Before White Children Learn About Race—Their Experiences Should Be the Focus
In all the arguing over critical race theory and how young is too young to learn about race, the emphasis is on white children. Meanwhile, Black students across the nation experience racism daily.

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How White Parents Can Resist Modern-Day Segregation in Schools
Segregation in schools is very much present. Organizations like the Integrated Schools movement are trying to change that. Here's what experts say white parents can do to bring much-needed diversity to schools across America.
Meet the Moms Working to Increase Black Women's Net Worth
The gender and racial pay gaps are real. These Black moms are working to ensure that Black women, especially parents, recognize their worth and have the tools to earn.
My Daughter Loves Her Black Skin—This Will Be Her Antidote to Racism

How do you shore up your child’s defenses against a not-always-welcoming world? Adrienne Farr looks for every opportunity to celebrate Black excellence.