How to discuss racism and tolerance with your kids. Try these ideas to start the conversation today.

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If Elijah McClain Was Not Safe in the Hands of the Police, How Can My Child Be?

I naively viewed my daughter's quirks tied to her disability as a shield for her against racism or police brutality. But after Elijah McClain's death, I am planning to have the difficult conversation not knowing how much she will understand.
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Why We Need to Go Beyond Not Seeing Color—Even for Little Kids

Trying to understand the troubles with "color blindness" in a way kids can understand? Try one of these six metaphors.
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How to Plan a Children's March for Racial Justice

Children's marches are popping up around the country to include kids in the Black Lives Matter movement. Learn how to organize a safe and peaceful demonstration of your own with tips from the ACLU.
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How My Childhood Experience With Racism Helped Me Explain My Different Skin Color to My Toddler

My daughter was only 2 when she asked me why I’m darker than her. Because of her white skin, I know she’ll never have the same experiences with racism I did growing up, but I’ll be sure she understands why they were wrong.
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6 Reasons 'All Lives Matter' Doesn't Work—in Terms Simple Enough for a Child

Looking for a way to explain the difference between "Black Lives Matter" and "All Lives Matter"? Try one of these six metaphors.
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Your Age-by-Age Guide to Talking About Race

Find out what children understand about racial differences and how to talk to them about it in our age-by-age guide.
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I Celebrate #BlackBoyJoy Because the Alternative is Too Painful

Being a Black boy in America comes with a long list of inequities starting as early as preschool. But I refuse to take my son's joy away prematurely.