How to discuss racism and tolerance with your kids. Try these ideas to start the conversation today.

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Kyle Rittenhouse's Tears Are Infuriating
The teen sobbed on the stand at his own trial, pulling a page out of the Brett Kavanaugh playbook — and I hate it.
White Mom Says Southwest Airlines Employee Suspected Her of Trafficking 10-Year-Old Black Daughter
Mary MacCarthy revealed she was caught off guard when a Southwest Airlines employee and two police officers were waiting for the pair on the jet bridge following their October 22 flight.
How White Parents Can Resist Modern-Day Segregation in Schools
Segregation in schools is very much present. Organizations like the Integrated Schools movement are trying to change that. Here's what experts say white parents can do to bring much-needed diversity to schools across America.
New 'Dear White Parents' PSA Hopes to Help Raise an Anti-Racist Generation
The short film, ad, and resource platform invites white families to talk about racism with their kids "early and often."
Meet the Moms Working to Increase Black Women's Net Worth
The gender and racial pay gaps are real. These Black moms are working to ensure that Black women, especially parents, recognize their worth and have the tools to earn.
8 Great Books To Teach Kids About Juneteenth
These books will teach children of all ages about Juneteenth and help dismantle the structures and systems that have continued after emancipation.

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IVF is Cost-Prohibitive for Far Too Many Black & Brown Families-These Orgs Are Changing That
Birth rates are declining due to increased infertility-but most people who get access to IVF are white. To what extent is cost preventing Black and brown parents from seeking fertility treatment?
How to Explain Microaggressions in Terms Simple Enough for a Child to Understand
Let's settle into our discomfort to learn what microaggressions look and feel like and how we can teach children to recognize and stand up to them.

Dad Pulls Biracial Daughter Out of School After Classmate and School Employee Cut Her Hair

"She was crying. She was afraid of getting in trouble for getting her hair cut," Jimmy Hoffmeyer revealed about the day his daughter Jurnee's hair was cut.