How to discuss racism and tolerance with your kids. Try these ideas to start the conversation today.

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How to Talk to Kids About Anti-Semitism and Why It’s Important

With hate crimes and anti-Semitic acts on the rise, it is crucial for parents of all faiths to talk about this prejudice against Jews with their kids. Here are some concrete ways to have this discussion.

Please Stop Commenting On My Racially Ambiguous Children's Appearance

I used to feel I had to explain to strangers why my kids look so different than me and each other. But I eventually realized I really don't owe anyone an explanation and the questions were out of line to begin with.

How to Talk to Kids About Anti-Asian Violence

Hearing the news of anti-Asian racism around the country is heartbreaking. Having conversations with your kids about it is important, but it's not always easy. Experts offer tips to help parents navigate these difficult conversations.

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Sam's Club Is Celebrating Black History Month With Free Virtual Readings by Best-Selling Black Authors

All February long Sam's Club will be offering free readings of inspirational books by the authors themselves—all in an effort to celebrate diversity and promote acceptance.