How to discuss racism and tolerance with your kids. Try these ideas to start the conversation today.

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8 Great Books To Teach Kids About Juneteenth

These books will teach children of all ages about Juneteenth and help dismantle the structures and systems that have continued after emancipation.

IVF is Cost-Prohibitive for Far Too Many Black & Brown Families-These Orgs Are Changing That

Birth rates are declining due to increased infertility-but most people who get access to IVF are white. To what extent is cost preventing Black and brown parents from seeking fertility treatment?

How to Explain Microaggressions in Terms Simple Enough for a Child to Understand

Let's settle into our discomfort to learn what microaggressions look and feel like and how we can teach children to recognize and stand up to them.

My Daughter Loves Her Black Skin—This Will Be Her Antidote to Racism

How do you shore up your child’s defenses against a not-always-welcoming world? Adrienne Farr looks for every opportunity to celebrate Black excellence.

My Parents Gave Me A Very 'American' Name, But I Wanted Something Different For My Daughter

My immigrant parents gave me a name they felt would help me fit in in America. It's an example of how bias and racism can influence parental decisions. But I made sure to give my daughter a name that pays homage to her Asian roots.

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Stimulus Payment Access Has a Racial Gap —Here's How to Advocate for Your Family and Others

11 percent fewer Black families received their 2021 government stimulus checks than white folks. Meanwhile, 50 percent of Blacks (and only 22 percent of whites) say they are counting on that money to survive.

Dad Pulls Biracial Daughter Out of School After Classmate and School Employee Cut Her Hair

"She was crying. She was afraid of getting in trouble for getting her hair cut," Jimmy Hoffmeyer revealed about the day his daughter Jurnee's hair was cut.

California Teacher Resigns After Family Says She Made Racist Comments on Zoom: ‘It’s Just So Hurtful’

A spokesperson for the school district said, "We do not stomach racist behavior at the Palmdale School District, whether you are caught on video or not"