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Teach your kid financial responsibility and the value of a buck with these ideas for money management. Our pros share the best ways to help your kid become money smart.

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A Parent's Guide to Giving Kids an Allowance

Let your kids learn life lessons about the value of a dollar by managing their own money—and sometimes making impulsive choices.

4 Fun Activities to Teach Kids About Money

These simple activities teach kids about basic financial principles, including charitable giving, delayed gratification, budgeting, saving money, and compounding interest.

10 Money Lessons to Teach Your Kids Before They Turn 10

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Allowance Troubleshooter: 4 Common Problems with Kids' Allowance

Even with a good allowance system in place, issues can come up (like when your child insists he's not getting enough cash!). Here's how to handle four common problems, according to family finance expert Joline Godfrey, CEO of Independent Means, Inc.

Age-by-Age Tips for Raising Money-Smart Kids

Lee McAdoo, managing director, investor education at TD Ameritrade, shares how she empowers her daughters, and children of all ages, to take control of their financial futures.

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Amazon is giving the parents of teens an easy way to stay on top of their kids' spending habits...while still giving them some healthy freedom.

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