Manners & Responsibility: Kids at Parties

Kids love birthday parties and other celebrations, but they can also get rowdy at these gatherings. See how to teach them to be on their best behavior at parties.


-Parties can be a lot of pressure on children, but you can help make them feel a lot more comfortable by teaching them good manners. JB, have you ever been to a party? -Oh yeah. -Let's make sure that you know how to enter a party really well. Ding-dong! And you walk in. -Happy birthday, Faye. -Hi, JB, thank you. -You're welcome. Thanks for having me. -You're welcome. Great job! Okay. So, that's #1. When you enter a party, you wanna make sure that you say hi and thanks for having me especially happy birthday if it's a birthday party. It's also important to teach your child how to receive gifts. JB, I'm gonna give you this gift for your birthday. What if there was something in there that you didn't really like? -All you have to say is thank you. -Right. It is so important to not open it and say, oh, I don't like this or, oh, I already have this. Because guess what? That would really hurt my feelings if you said that. So, no matter what the gift is, you wanna make sure that you say thank you. And finally, it's important to teach your child to say goodbye as they leave a party. So, JB, let's just pretend we did have an awesome birthday party and you're leaving my party. What would you say to me? -Thanks for having me. I really liked the birthday party. Bye. -You're welcome! Practice these skills at home and your child will surely be invited back to the next birthday party.

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