Manners & Responsibility: Eating Out with Kids at Restaurants

Going out to eat with the family? See how to teach your kids to behave properly in a restaurant.


There's a lot of pressure on parents when dining out with kids. It can be a great experience, and it can also be a really difficult experience. What's really important as a parent is to practice at home before you have expectations when you're out at a restaurant. It's very important to teach children at home what an indoor voice is, and how we can have a conversation at the table without distracting other diners at the restaurant. So often, we do the ordering for our children. But it's a really nice opportunity to teach your children communication skills at a restaurant. Rather than "Can I have," teach your child to say, "May I please have," in a clear and audible voice. Finally, we wanna teach that anything on the meal plate is to be eaten with a fork and a knife. The only thing that can be eaten with fingers is the bread. Practice these three things at your table, and you'll be restaurant-ready.

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