Manners & Responsibility: Chores Kids Can (and Should) Do

Can't get your kids to pitch in around the house? Find out how to get them involved with chores.


Your kids should absolutely do chores as young as you can possibly start. Kids are naturally doers, and they're usually really excited to help. So, start with setting the table at home. If you can, draw out how a play setting should be properly set up and have them set the tables not only for themselves but for everyone else at the table. Another great chore around the house is to ask kids to help you put things away. It's a wonderful exercise, and some of the day to day family functions that we all need to partake in. One of my favorite chores at home is something that I do with my 18-month-old. She actually imitates me around the household wiping things down. It's a really simply exercise to take a wipe or take a wet cloth, and to wipe things down. Those are some simple chores to help get kids started.

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