Manners & Responsibility: Answering the Phone

Does your child know what to say when she answers the phone? Get tips on teaching her to answer politely and effectively.


-Phone calls are an important part of our everyday life and it's important to teach your child how to speak clearly and politely on the phone. JB, let's just say I was calling you right now, can you say "hello"? And I'm gonna show you exactly what the caller should say, what I should say. R-r-ring. -Hello? -Hi, this is Faye [unk]. May I please speak to John? -Yes. -High five, that was really good. So what would you say if you were making a phone call? -Hi, my name's JB. -Now, let's just say you were calling to setup a play date with your best friend. Who's your best friend? -Matthew. -Matthew. Okay. So, hi, this is JB. May I please speak to Matthew? Do you think you could do that? -Yeah. -Okay. You also wanna make sure that you're loud enough because if you're like this, people can't really hear you. Hello? -Hello, this is JB. May I please speak to Matthew? -Practice and repetition are really important with this skill set.

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