Is your child well mannered? We've got tips and ideas for every situation from the dinner table to the classroom. Learn how to help your child become polite and respectful.

8 Ways to Practice Good Manners

Your kids can learn proper etiquette with these easy lesson ideas.

11 Basic Manners Kids Often Forget

Even if it takes a few reminders, encourage your child to be more mindful of some basic etiquette.

How to Teach Good Manners

Raising a polite kid in a rude world isn't as hard as it seems.

Dining Manners Around the World

These quirky dining customs in other parts of the world may seem truly foreign to Americans.

Manners & Responsibility: Chores Kids Can (and Should) Do

Can't get your kids to pitch in around the house? Find out how to get them involved with chores.

Really Cute Thank-You Notes

Saying thank you won't be a chore with these fun easy-to-make cards. Even little kids can help!

Manners & Responsibility: Eating Out with Kids at Restaurants

Going out to eat with the family? See how to teach your kids to behave properly in a restaurant.

"Stop Rolling Your Eyes at Me!"

Parenting expert Jan Faull, MEd, helps one mom cope with her young daughter's exasperated eye-rolling.

Manners & Responsibility: Teaching Table Manners

Do your kids have bad table manners? Help your kids learn how to behave at mealtime.

Manners & Responsibility: 3 Manners All Kids Should Know

Does your child need help practicing manners? See three manners all kids should know.

Thank-Yous Teachers Will Love

Try these Motherboard Mom-tested ways to thank the important people in your child's life.

Manners & Responsibility: Answering the Phone

Does your child know what to say when she answers the phone? Get tips on teaching her to answer politely and effectively.

Manners & Responsibility: Kids at Parties

Kids love birthday parties and other celebrations, but they can also get rowdy at these gatherings. See how to teach them to be on their best behavior at parties.

Manners & Responsibility: Should You Tie Allowance to Chores?

Are your kids begging for a few bucks after finishing chores? See what our expert says about making allowance contingent on chores.

Mrs. McVeigh's Manners: Teaching Kids Good Manners and Etiquette

An expert on etiquette and manners shares advice on how to raise children with good manners. Read answers to your questions about behaving at the dinner table, proper etiquette, and more.

Manners & Responsibility: Teaching Your Kids to Set the Table

Setting the table is a great way for your child to help out before mealtime. Teach her how with this easy-to-follow video.

Teach Your Child How to Write a Simple Thank-You Note

Writing thank-you notes is an important skill. See how to help your kids say "thanks" the right way.

What to Do When Someone Is Different

My sons and I look different from other people, but we'd rather you ask questions than ignore us.

Confessions of a Grown-Up: I Was a Bad Example

Inevitably, all new parents learn that now that they're the adults in the family, they must pay scrupulous attention to what they say--and don't say--when kids are around.

12 'Food Crimes' Kids Commit

Someone call the manners police! Chances are your kid has committed at least a few of these mealtime misdemeanors.