Manners & Responsibility: 3 Manners Toddlers Should Know

It's never too early to encourage polite behavior. See age-appropriate tips for teaching your tot proper manners.


It can be very challenging to teach toddlers manners. I certainly can attest to this as the mom of an 18-month old. But it is possible and here's how. First, teach your children how to say one syllable words like, please or help. So instead of screaming, they use these words. Second, you can begin to explore the concept of sharing. It will take practice, but it's possible. Teach your child not to grab things from other children and start to teach them how to take turns. Finally, it's important to establish good table manners. Make sure that your child is seated in his or her high chair at the table. And as often as you possibly can, sit down and have dinner or any meal with your child. It's important to establish a dining routine. Start with these three manners at home and you're all ready off to a good start.

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