Safe-Driving Rules For Moms

You've been driving for years, but you may be making mistakes that put you and your precious cargo at risk. We'll show you the smart moves moms should make before they get behind the wheel, when they're on the road and once they arrive to stay safe.


-Car accidents are the single greatest risks of death to children from infancy all the way into adulthood according to Safe Kids Worldwide. It's an alarming statistic to be sure. However, a few smart blues can help you stir fear of a mishap. For starters, never drive if you're too tired. Drowsy driving is impaired driving and a motorist impaired in any capacity is the biggest danger on the road. Your child's seat should be rear-facing for as long as possible since we are facing a safer, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends having their child rear-facing until she is 2 years old. Put your phone in your purse and toss both in the backseat. Smartphone use increases your risk for crash by 4 to 8 times including your personal bag also ensures you don't accidentally leave your child in the car. You should never leave your child alone in the car not even for a moment. But if you're back is in the bag, you'll need to grab it once you reached your destination. And when you do, you won't be able to miss the adorable kid in the backseat. If you have a mirror in the backseat so you can see your baby, take it down. A mirror tends you to check on your child taking your eyes off the road and putting you at risk for a crash. If your backseat is littered with stuffed animals, toys, blankets and books, in the event of the crash, all that stuff is going to fly through the car at the same speed you're traveling. So remove anything unnecessary and secure the essentials in the seat pockets of your car. If your child stars crying, do not try to deal with it while you're driving. Even handing a pacifier or bottle back to your baby can be dangerous. Find a safe spot like a parking lot, pull over and address your baby's needs.

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