Drug Abuse

Concerned about drug abuse? Find out the telltale signs you need to know if your kid is using, how to talk about peer pressure, and how to get your kid on the right path today. Plus: When to seek professional help.

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Demi Lovato Reveals She Was Raped at 15 and 'Violated' by Her Drug Dealer the Night She Overdosed
In her moving new YouTube documentary, the singer bravely opens up about healing from the trauma of past sexual abuse.
Opening Up to My Daughter About My History With Drugs and Alcohol Saved Her From a Fatal Overdose
Parenting from a place of openness and support instead of punishment and stigma helped rescue my daughter from a dangerous spiral I knew all too well.
With Programs Starting as Early as Kindergarten, How Early Is Too Early to Talk About Drugs?
The drug crisis is affecting thousands of families each year. Experts say early education may be the answer.
'Benzos' Are Rising in Popularity Among Teens and They're Getting Them On Social Media
Teens are able to get benzodiazepines and similar designer drugs without a prescription straight from their smartphone. Here's what parents need to know about how teens are accessing these drugs, signs of addiction, and what they can do to help.
She Seemed Like Just Any Mom to the Outside World, But Inside Was Struggling With Opioid Addiction
A woman wrote a viral obituary for her sister, a young mom who died from opioid addiction in 2018. And it's inspiring others to reveal the same hidden heartbreak of this national epidemic on the anniversary of her death.
No, Parents Aren't to Blame for the Teen Opioid Epidemic
It's common to blame parents for their child's drug addiction, but research shows other factors are at play. Experts weigh in on causes of drug addiction and how parents can talk to their children about substance use.

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Why I Drug-Test My Teens
When Paul Little was 19 he became addicted to prescription pain pills. Now as medical director of an addiction hospital, he helps teens recover from substance abuse and makes sure his own two daughters understand the dangers of drug use by testing them often.
New Research Reveals Alarming Trend in Teen Drug Overdoses
Teen drug overdose rates have doubled in recent years, fueled by the opioid epidemic. Here's what parents should know about this issue.

'Generation Rx'

Ecstasy and pot use may be down among today's teens, but they're more likely to abuse family medicine cabinet drugs, a new study reports.