Drug Abuse

Concerned about drug abuse? Find out the telltale signs you need to know if your kid is using, how to talk about peer pressure, and how to get your kid on the right path today. Plus: When to seek professional help.

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My Son and I Are Both Addicts in Recovery—Here Is Our Perspective After Watching 'Euphoria'
A parent and son in recovery share how to start a dialogue with your teen about the dangers so graphically and realistically depicted on the HBO TV show Euphoria.
Why I Drug-Test My Teens
When Paul Little was 19 he became addicted to prescription pain pills. Now as medical director of an addiction hospital, he helps teens recover from substance abuse and makes sure his own two daughters understand the dangers of drug use by testing them often.
New Research Reveals Alarming Trend in Teen Drug Overdoses
Teen drug overdose rates have doubled in recent years, fueled by the opioid epidemic. Here's what parents should know about this issue.
'Generation Rx'
Ecstasy and pot use may be down among today's teens, but they're more likely to abuse family medicine cabinet drugs, a new study reports.