The little girl named Cassidy Slater from Duryea, Pennsylvania is making a public plea for people to stop bullying one another. Slater says she has been bullied since she started first grade. 

Jenn Slater and Cassidy
Credit: Courtesy of Jenn Slater

A 10-year-old girl from Pennsylvania is making headlines for her heartbreaking request for people to stop bullying one another. In a video posted to her mother Jenn Slater's Facebook page, Cassidy Slater from Duryea, Pennsylvania, holds up signs that describe how she's been bullied since she was in first grade.

“One day during recess, a group of kids grabbed my purse off a teacher, and spit on it and me,” she shared. She explained that her classmates won't sit with her at lunch, she's been relentlessly called names and even told her kill herself, and kids have poured milk on her jacket. Given these devastating incidents, Cassidy stated that she feels alone and as though she has no one.

Originally shared to the fourth grader's own Facebook page, the video racked up 22K views. But Cassidy's profile was shut down, as she's under 13 (the minimum age to have a Facebook account). Her mother reposted the clip, and it has reached 168K views since April 4.

The video has even caught the attention of celebrities, like Hugh Jackman, who shared the clip to his verified Facebook page, writing, "Hi Cassidy .... I’m Hugh. I want you to know you’re loved, special & smart. You’re strong, funny & beautiful both inside and out. BULLYING IS NOT OK. Please never stop asking for help. You will find it from people and places you never thought possible. I’m your friend."

Slater tells that the outpouring of support for her daughter is coming from "thousands of people." She elaborates, "It's amazing and completely unexpected. We never imagined this would reach this far. All she wanted was to be heard in hopes it would reach her bullies and any other kids who are being bullies, so they can understand how it feels. She expected it to only be heard locally, but the amount of people who shared it made her story be told around the world."

The proud mom says she loves hearing how her daughter is "brave and strong and courageous" and seeing that kids around the globe are reaching out to Cassidy to tell her that she's an inspiration for them to share their own experiences with bullying.

Sounds like Cassidy has more than surpassed her initial aim. With hope, her video will empower other kids to speak up, ask for help, and support one another in the face of cruelty.