Learn what you can do to recognize bullying and how to prevent it. Our tips and ideas will help you parent through this common problem and let your kid come out on top.

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Bullying Is Harmful to Kids' Mental Health—School Solutions to the Problem Often Fail Black Children
Ten-year-old Izzy Tichenor's suicide death highlighted the effects of racist bullying on Black children's mental health. The impact is worsened when parents can't get help from their child's school.
I Was Bullied at a School Board Meeting—My Children Taught Me How to Respond
Conflict erupted at my children's school board meeting in Minneapolis and it made headlines across the country. It taught me that our children are watching how we behave—and acting more like kids can go a long way.
Even If Kids Laugh, Things Can Still Hurt Their Feelings. Just Ask This Teen on Reddit
Usually the class clown, this teen opened up about finally asking his peers to quit laughing at his Tourette’s tics—and the unexpected backlash he received from a teacher.
Period Shaming: A Not-So New Type of Bullying Parents Need to Know About
Education and empowerment are key in reshaping conversations around periods and putting an end to the bullying menstruation brings for tweens and teens.
The Surprising Link Between Being Bullied and Sleep Dysfunction
A new study finds a surprising link between being bullied and poor sleep—but is the idea that bullying could have health implications really surprising?
More Searches for Suicide How-Tos—and Prevention—in the Wake of '13 Reasons Why'
Suicide-related searches on Google jumped significantly after the release of the controversial Netflix series.

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Dad Asks Celebs to Wish Bullied Son Happy Birthday & They Deliver in a Big Way
After his son Ollie was bullied, this dad posted a plea on Twitter that celebrities would wish the 9-year-old a happy birthday, and it worked!
Support From Friends, But Not Family, May Prevent Depression in Bullied LGBTQ Youth
Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation has uncovered some disturbing facts about bullying among LGBTQ youth. The good news? Having supportive friends makes a difference.
Who Is Most Likely to Cyberbully Your Kids Might Shock You

This latest news makes us want to take our kids' phones and social media accounts away forever.