Body Issues

Arm your child with what she needs to know to develop a positive self image and confidence when it comes to her figure. Check out our advice for dealing with body issues and navigating weight issues.

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How to Ask Relatives Not to Talk About Your Child's Body
It can be tough to know what to do when relatives comment on your child's size or eating habits. Here's how to navigate those moments and ask them to stay away from body-related talk.
6 Lessons in Body Positivity to Teach Your Child by Age 5
Positive body awareness and confidence is important for a child's development. Parents can start these conversations as early as kindergarten—here's how.
How to Teach Your Teen to Love Their Body
In a time when social media offers a skewed, seemingly perfect filter on real life, there are ways to break through the noise and support your teen’s self-image.
Tori Spelling’s Husband Dean Slams People Body Shaming Their Kids: ‘Horrified and Disgusted’
Dean McDermott was “horrified and disgusted” by the comments on an Instagram photo of the family.
3 Ways to Boost a Short Kid's Confidence
Is your kid the shortest in his class? Here are three ways to boost his self-esteem and build body confidence.
Mom Fights Back After Nurse Body Shames Her 13-Year-Old Daughter: 'She Is Ignorant'
Julie Venn is teaching her daughters that “strong is beautiful, and weight means nothing”—so she was frustrated when a nurse body shamed her 13-year-old during her yearly checkup.

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How a Marathoner Reacted to Her Daughter Saying She Hated Her 'Big Thighs'
High-profile runner, Dorothy Beal shares her concern about how hearing negative body-talk can impact other women's self-esteem.

Kids Can Develop Body Image Issues Way Earlier Than We Think

New research finds body image awareness starts as young as preschool. What's a parent to do?