Learn what you need to know to spot these typical teen problems and how to steer kids in the right direction. Our pros provide plenty of lessons to get it right.

Bully-Proof Your Child: How to Deal With Bullies

Mean kids aren't just a middle-school problem. The trouble has trickled to the youngest grades. Learn how to spot it--and how to protect your child.

Does Your Kid Have an Attitude Problem?

Welcome to the Age of Insolence. Find out how to rein in back talk at every age.

The 4 Common Types of Bullying

Identify which kind of bullying your child may be experiencing.

What to Do When Kids Talk Back

Smart-alecky comments, sass, and disrespectful gestures, such as eye rolls and lip smacks, seem to be the norm when children talk back to you nowadays. Try these tips to nip your child's bold and brash behavior in the bud.

There's a New Bullying 'Game' on Snapchat You Should Know About

A mom and her daughter are taking a stand against a viscous Snapchat bullying trend where kids compete to say the meanest thing about a chosen victim.

How to Talk to Kids About Sex

Can't talk about the birds and the bees? Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," gives you the matter-of-fact ways to talk about sex.

The 'Eraser Challenge' Is Making a Dangerous Comeback: Here's What You Should Know

The eraser challenge is making the rounds in middle schools again, and it's leaving kids with serious burns and sometimes permanent scars.

How to Deal With School Bullies

If your child is being bullied, here's how to help him handle the situation.

Dad's Simple But Powerful Bullying Lesson for His Son Has a Lot to Teach Parents, Too

Standing "O" of the day goes to this Arizona dad who really, truly gets it when it comes to helping, well, basically everyone cope with bullying.

Use This Dad's Genius Plan to Give Your Teen a Way Out of a Bad Situation

We all want to keep our children safe: The ability for your teen to send you a discreet message can make all the difference.

Back to School: Dealing With Meanness and Bullying

Kids can be bullies. Share these strategies to help your child deal with mean kids.

When Your Kid Is the Bully: What to Do

Here's what to do if your kid turns out to be the bully at school.

Mean Little Girls: Being Bullied at School

Nothing can prepare you for seeing your 5-year-old become a victim of kid cruelty -- not even your own childhood.

18 Tips to Stop Cyberbullying

Parents, children, and school administrators can take steps to prevent cyberbullying before it starts or becomes worse. Here are practical steps to stop cyberbullying.

Talking to Your Child About Drugs

An age-by-age guide to discussing a difficult topic.

Under the Influence? Help Your Kids Resist Peer Pressure

Encourage your kid to stick up for what he likes rather than following the crowd.

The Deadly Game Your Kids Might Be Playing

While about 75 percent of kids know about this game, only 25 percent of parents do.

Alarming Report: Kids Who Spend Just 1 Hour a Day on Social Media Are Less Happy

Kids using social media is fairly inevitable but even just one hour online can make kids less content with their lives.

Expert Advice on Bullying

An expert answers moms' questions about school bullies.

How to Talk to Kids: The Importance of Communication

Why should you talk to your kids? Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," explains why a back-and-forth dialogue is a great way to build trust.

How to Talk to Kids About Death

For young kids, death can be a difficult thing to understand. Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," shares what you can say to ease your child's mind.

This Mom Sent a Thank-You Note to the Cop Who Arrested Her Daughter on Spring Break

She was happy her teen got home safely, and hopes she learned an important lesson.

Cyberbullying 101: What Is Cyberbullying?

How do you define cyberbullying? An internet safety expert reveals cyberbullying facts and ways to stop cyberbullying.

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