Learn what you need to know to spot these typical teen problems and how to steer kids in the right direction. Our pros provide plenty of lessons to get it right.

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I Was Bullied at a School Board Meeting—My Children Taught Me How to Respond
Conflict erupted at my children's school board meeting in Minneapolis and it made headlines across the country. It taught me that our children are watching how we behave—and acting more like kids can go a long way.
How to Ask Relatives Not to Talk About Your Child's Body
It can be tough to know what to do when relatives comment on your child's size or eating habits. Here's how to navigate those moments and ask them to stay away from body-related talk.
Demi Lovato Reveals She Was Raped at 15 and 'Violated' by Her Drug Dealer the Night She Overdosed
In her moving new YouTube documentary, the singer bravely opens up about healing from the trauma of past sexual abuse.
Opening Up to My Daughter About My History With Drugs and Alcohol Saved Her From a Fatal Overdose
Parenting from a place of openness and support instead of punishment and stigma helped rescue my daughter from a dangerous spiral I knew all too well.
6 Lessons in Body Positivity to Teach Your Child by Age 5
Positive body awareness and confidence is important for a child's development. Parents can start these conversations as early as kindergarten—here's how.

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Even If Kids Laugh, Things Can Still Hurt Their Feelings. Just Ask This Teen on Reddit
Usually the class clown, this teen opened up about finally asking his peers to quit laughing at his Tourette’s tics—and the unexpected backlash he received from a teacher.
With Programs Starting as Early as Kindergarten, How Early Is Too Early to Talk About Drugs?
The drug crisis is affecting thousands of families each year. Experts say early education may be the answer.

I Was a Childhood Bully And Here's How I'm Making Sure My Kids Aren't

I tormented a classmate from eighth grade through high school so that I could fit in with the popular kids. Years later, I'm teaching my kids how not to be the bully I was.