Printable Winter Coloring Pages

Snow Globe
Make it a snow day -- keep it cozy inside with these printable winter coloring sheets.

Happy New Year

When cold weather traps your kids indoors, avoid cabin fever with a box of crayons and these New Year's, snow, and winter coloring pages.

Count down the new year with a riot of confetti and balloons. (Good for: kindergarten)

New Year's Celebration

Keep the party going all night with streamers, noisemakers, and striped party hats. (Good for: first grade)

Swirling Snowflakes

Welcome the first snow falling from the winter sky. (Good for: kindergarten)

Building a Snowman

An old hat, a carrot, and some buttons are perfect for creating Frosty. (Good for: kindergarten)

Sledding Down the Slope

Whoosh! Nothing feels faster and more free than sledding downhill. (Good for: kindergarten)

Sledding with Friends

Hold onto your knit hats when sliding down a snow-covered slope. (Good for: kindergarten)

Younger Ice-Skaters

Swirl and twirl around the ice -- with a fall or two along the way! (Good for: kindergarten)

Penguins in Love

A cute penguin couple gets close and comfy on an iceberg. (Good for: kindergarten)

Hot Chocolate Mug

Melt a cold winter day with a steaming cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and a cherry. (Good for: kindergarten)

Snow Globe

A glass dome with a snowy scene is a perfect reminder of winter. (Good for: first grade)

All printable coloring pages reprinted with permission of Copyright &copy 2012 Meredith Corporation.

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