Proven Strategies for Picky Eaters

Frustrated parents are sending their fussy kids to specially designed clinics at children's hospitals. What strategies do the experts there have to improve your kid's diet? Get the dish here.


[MUSIC] Having children who are picky eaters is very annoying for parents. It feels like they're disrespecting us and wasting food. There are things we want to try to avoid when dealing with picky eaters. Often the key cause of picky eating is children aren't hungry. They've already filled up on milk or juice or snacks, so you may want to just try having more of a gap between meals. We don't want our meal times to become these ugly battlefields where we're pressuring our children to eat. On the other hand, we don't wanna sign up to be short order cooks, making a separate meal for everybody in the family or having them reject what we make. So what should we do? Well the general strategy is to try to expose our children to different foods without pressuring them too much. You might try serving a new food along with some other foods that you know you child likes. You don't wanna force your child to eat food, a low key approach works much better. On the other hand, it is important that your child have good manners about food preferences. You can explain to your child, you wouldn't like it if I said, eww, that's disgusting, when I looked at your picture. I don't like it when you say that about the dinner I made. Meal time should be a fun time for families, a time of connecting and enjoying each other's company. So focus on that, more than on what your child is or isn't eating. I promise if there's food available, your child isn't going to starve. [MUSIC]

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