Picky Eaters: 3 Ways To Encourage Healthy Eating

Here are three healthy ways to please a picky eater.


Like most households, every family member has a different palate. In fact, some pediatricians say food battles top the list of parental headaches. If you find yourself wrangling with your child over mealtime, here are a few strategies to help. Number 1: Be patient. Kids' tastes change over time. Just because he's rejecting tomatoes today doesn't mean he'll never eat them. Keep trying to reintroduce foods. Kids between the ages of 2 and 6 can be the most finicky according to the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Eventually, they'll move beyond this stage. Second: Institute the one polite bite rule. She has to take a little taste of food she says she doesn't like, and hopefully they'll grow on her. Also, be a role model. Doctors say fights over food often occur because kids want what mom or dad is having. So if they see you eating well, they'll follow your lead. And finally, empower your kids. Get them involved and invested in meals. Take them shopping. Let them plan a menu with you. Choose words that describe the sensory qualities of food like, "These strawberries are juicy," or "Isn't that corn sweet and crunchy?" The power of positive thinking may change your picky ears' mind.

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