School Lunch

Learn everything you need to know about your school's hot lunch program and how to help your kid make smart choices. Plus: New ideas for the tired sack lunch.

What Kids Eat at School Might Depend on When They Have Lunch and Recess

According to a new study, the timing of lunch and recess during the schoolday has an effect both on what our kids eat and how active they are.

Simplify Lunch: Mix-and-Match Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Buy only six ingredients and mix and match them to create healthy school meals for the week.

New Mexico Becomes First State to Outlaw School 'Lunch Shaming'

It's about time schools stopped humiliating kids for not having lunch money. New Mexico is the first state to enact a law against the practice, and we hope others follow suit.

This School Put a 'Lunch Money' Stamp on a Student's Arm, and It's Not OK

An elementary school boy was humiliated by a "lunch money" stamp on his arm when his account balance fell, and now a picture of it is going viral.

Bullying In The Lunch Room--What You Need to Know

Is your child getting bullied about her lunch--or being the food police with other kids? Here's what you need to know.

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Here are some healthy lunch ideas that kids will love.

Lunch Monitor: What Are Kids Throwing Away?

Find out what kids are really eating in school-and what gets dumped in the trash.

Brilliant Lunch-Box Ideas

Start the school year right with these creative and healthy back-to-school meals.

Simple and Fun Ideas for Packing Lunch

Great tips and recipes for packing hassle-free, budget-friendly, tasty, and all-around fun meals your kids will want to eat.

25 Healthy Packaged Foods for School Lunches

Think of these seven themed ideas as fun #lunchgoals. They're quick to prepare because we've used 25 healthy, kid-approved packaged products.

Is Your Kid Being Bullied Into Skipping Lunch?

According to dietitians who work with children and some recent studies, a disturbing new trend in school cafeterias is kids being pressured to eat less than than they actually want--or not to eat lunch at all.

Ready to Stop Packing Your Kid's Lunch? Here's the Trick.

Take a break, mama! Kids can pack their own lunches, or at least help. Here are six realistic ways to get them involved.

The Fight for a Healthier School Lunch

We all want our children to eat better school lunches, but are struggling to figure out how to make it happen. Will proposed new rules help?

Fit for a Kid

School lunches your child will really eat.

8 Healthy Packed Lunches Your Kid Will Actually Finish

From upgraded peanut butter sandwiches to pizza kebabs, these ready-to-pack meals are nutritious and delicious.