Junk Food

Do your kids have a thing for junk food? You're not alone. Try these easy (and healthy) alternates to junk food. They're so fun, your kid won't know the difference.

Is Your Child in the Obesity Danger Zone?

Roughly 1 in 3 kids in America is overweight or obese, but millions more "borderline"y kids are on the cusp of a weight problem and need our help just as much. Doctors and proactive parents share their advice about how to fight fat without shaking a child's self-confidence.

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Healthy eating is the foundation of a healthy life. Here is how you can raise nutrition-smart kids.

McDonald's Healthy Eating Program in Schools: Helpful or Hypocritical?

McDonald's brand ambassador John Cisna says he lost weight eating McDonald's for 90 days, and now he wants to teach your kids how to eat healthy.

The Scoop on Sports Drinks

Do kids really benefit from them?

How Junk Food Advertising Harms Kids

Ads for junk food targeted to children are everywhere. Here's how it's hurting kids--and what you can do.

Are Commercials Making Our Kids Eat More Junk?

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Just Enough Junk Food

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