Healthy Snacks: Veggie Pancakes

Learn how to make veggie pancakes that will win over your picky eater.


A friend of mine told me that she couldn't get her kids to eat vegetables no matter what she tried. Sound familiar? When you're trying to inspire your kids to eat vegetables, one of the most important things to remember is keeping it fun. It's all about the presentation when it comes to the vegetables. And serving this veggie pancakes which are crispy on the outside and tender in the inside is a great way to start. So, for the recipe, in a bowl, I'm gonna put flour, some baking powder and salt. Kids love pancakes. I mean, how much fun is it when you give your kids a pancake, it's usually what I consider to be a pretty easy sell in the kitchen. So that-- that is-- I've got the dry ingredients there. And then in the large bowl, you've got one large egg and you just wanna whisk this up. And this is also an easy recipe. In the end of the day don't you want things to be easy? Got the whi-- whisk egg. Hoop, that's enough. And then I've got some milk. And this is also fun because you can get your kids involve helping you in this recipe. All right, got the whisked egg. And then to this, I'm gonna add some grated zucchini and carrot. And when you're grating them, you wanna make sure to use the box grater, the large side. 'Coz you want them shredded, these are in teeny tiny pieces so that they cook evenly. And then you're just gonna coat the carrot and zucchini with the egg mixture. And if you don't have carrot or zucchini, you could also try red bell pepper. You can even try small pieces of broccoli or cauliflower 'coz you just wanna make sure that they'll cook in a few minutes. And then you're gonna top it with your flour mixture. And you just wanna coat it evenly. 'Coz they're just gonna be like pancakes. And what I love about this is you can freeze what you don't make. So, say you're feeding, you know, two or three people, you can put the remainders in the freezer in zipper bags. And then when you want to pull them out you just re-heat them in a 300 degree oven for about 10 minutes. All right, and then here is a good little trick that I like to do, is the ice cream scooper. You think ice cream scoopers are just, you know, useful for making ice cream. But they're not. They're great proportioning our cookies or even things like these veggie pancakes. So, we're gonna take a little bit of oil. You can use olive oil, you could use canola or vegetable oil. Let's gonna swirl that and cost my pan that I've got over a medium high heat because again you're trying to make them crispy on the outside but you don't want to burn them. You go to make sure the inside cooks through. Ah, see? And you just hear that nice sizzle. I'm telling you, my kids if you give them these with either some ketchup or some mustard on the side to dip in to add to the fun factor, it's pretty easy to get everybody to eat this. And these are not just for kids. These are perfect for adults too. So, when you need a side dish, a dinner or even breakfast or lunch, these are perfect for school lunch. All right, I'm gonna let them cook for few minutes on each side and then we're gonna flip them. And you see those little bubbles that are starting, right when that happens you know that it's been about three minutes and they're return to get a turn. Oh, look at these, they're gorgeous, golden on the inside-- outside, tender on the inside. Yeah, I would say that everybody is gonna love this. So, one of the best part is that no matter you're age, if-- if you're one year old or if you're whatever my age is, these are perfect because they have that soft center. Oh yeah, I need a bite. Hot. I like-- I'm like a kid, I like to dip them in ketchup. Uhm, uhm they're so crispy on the outside but the sweetness of the carrot comes out. Zucchini they're so tender in the inside. Yeah, these are-- these are a hit, these are winners. For more fast [unk] recipes like these and more check out Uhm.

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