Healthy Snacks: Cheese Crackers

Make your own snacks and save money with Catherine McCord's cheese cracker recipe.


-Whole wheat flour cheddar cheese [] and herb. -What are we making? -Homemade cheddar cheese crackers. -It wasn't loud enough. -Cheddar cheese crackers. -As much as I would like to go to the grocery buy a bag of Goldfish just call it a day. It's so much more nutritious, fun, delicious, easy and all those things to make homemade whole wheat cheddar crackers. And Ken and I are gonna show you how. Are you ready? Cheddar, cheese. Ready, wanna dump it in? Two cups of grated cheddar cheese into the food processor. And you can use sharp, you can use extra sharp, you can use any kind you want. This is sort of like, just regular sharp. -Butter? -Butter goes last. Whole wheat flour. Can I add-- -Wheat flour. -This is whole wheat flour which is more nutritious -Yeah. -than regular white flour. And what is this? -That? -What-- do you remember what that's called? It's a-- this is an herb seasoning. It's like Mrs. Dash, Spike, anything like that. -Can I [unk]? -Nope. Hold on one second. These are just like herb mix seasonings and they're delicious. I do a whole tablespoon this recipe which you might think sounds a lot but it's really not. And it adds a ton of flavor. And they even have very low sodium version. Like magic. -[unk]. -Okay. Now you can stop it. That's it. Just-- just start, we do it in about ten seconds just to mix all the ingredients. And now Ken is gonna put in his favorite part, which is? -Butter. -Butter, six tablespoons of chilled butter. You wanna make sure that it's chilled, nice and cold 'coz that's how we're gonna get that crispy flour, crispy cracker. Did I say crispy flour? Crispy cracker. All right. And now, all we're gonna do is just pulse, pulse, pulse. Let's give little bit more of a pulse. So you keep doing that like this. -Mom, what's the [unk]? Oh yeah. -Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. And we're gonna do that for about 30 seconds maybe a little bit more until it starts, the dough starts to form a ball. And that what's great about food processors I don't have to get my knives out. I can just right put everything right into the food processor. Keep pulsing. Pulse, pulse, pulse. And while Ken is doing that, I'm gonna get some parchment paper. Parchment paper is just a really easy thing to roll on. You could-- you could just use your counter surface floured that's totally fine. But, I find that parchment paper makes it so much easier for rolling up. -I'm [unk]? -Oh yeah, you're perfect. We'll do one more second. See this is good. This is why you get your kids involved so that double team, double time. Nice, you're done. Stop. -Okay? -Perfect. Wow. -Cake. -Wet cake. All right, ready? -Mom, can I [unk] this? -Yeah but remember, now. -Can I eat it? -Sure, yeah. Because there's no eggs in these, I mean, this is just an easy thing you can-- -Mom, it's good. -It's good? -Yeah, I love it. -You're happy? You're happy with this dough? -Mom, it's dough. -Do we make this--? -Taste it. -I'm gonna wait till they're crackers I think. You like it eating now. And this is a great recipe when you have to make your kids' school snack or -Your [unk] from -my [unk] ole [unk]. -Can I do this please? Let me-- let me get it in here then we can roll it out together. You can refrigerate the dough. Let's say you wanted to make half of the crackers. What happened? -I had to get my [unk]. -Man on the moon. Okay. You can do half of them and then you can put the dough in the refrigerator or even the freezer for a few weeks later. What is happening over here? Ken has got his kitchen over there. I got mine here. But we work together as a team. Okay. And just put, you know put that dough right-- oh, nice work my man. -My [unk] over here. -Do you want to do your rolling? Do you want me to get your own piece of parchment? You can do yours and I can do mine, all right. We're a team and I like it. Hold on. -Parchment. -All right, here's yours and then you're gonna put some more on top. Okay, Ken is gonna get a piece of dough. Ready? Start to whirl honey, you're a man. Here you go. Here you go. Say, hello, hello, hello. -And you know what else I like to do? Once I roll this out-- how's it going over there? I like to put the crackers just on a seal pack. And the best thing about that is, you can pop it in the freezer so you can just bake them when you-- when you want that crackers, and this also freeze really beautifully. You're gonna roll them out and so-- what's happening? Are you okay? You need some help? You're gonna roll them out until it's about quarter inch thick. How's your muscles? Get the muscles in there. Is it sli-- is the paper sliding around too much for you? Parchment paper just makes everything much easier though. Okay. -Oh no. -What happened? You're rolling cannot move in to your expectation? Okay, okay, okay. -It doesn't [unk]. -Frustrating. Okay. So, look at that Kenya. Huh, we're gonna roll out at quarter thick and we're gonna use some cookie cutters. Let's work-- let's work on this. -Look at mine. -Let's work on this one. -Look at mine it just fails. -What do you mean you wanted me to help you roll it out real quick? Okay. -Yes. -We'll do one, two [unk]. Oh, I just roll over your finger? -Uh huh. It's not funny, Mom. -It's not funny. I'm sorry I laughed. It wasn't funny. Okay. -Oh. -I just got your other finger. Better [] for those little fingers. Oh. Keep rolling. -It's not funny. -Okay. There we go, okay. Oh Ken's [unk] yours look really good. And then you can-- I like to use smaller shapes like these. [unk] others because it nice to have something that would be say sort of shape-sized of the Goldfish. -[unk] me choo choo train? -Do I have choo choo train? I can-- I will find the choo choo train later. -I want it. You-- -How about, can you do the stars? For now, for now, for now. And then watch this. Can you push it? And just space them together, the dough really rolls beautifully. And then we're just gonna put them on. -And then you have to do this. -What's that? -Or you have gonna do this. -Hold on. Oh no, no. Here, wait, wait. I help you get it off. -[unk] -I have a little-- oh here it is-- what? Little spatula, just put them right on. -[unk] that. -I'm just gonna roll them out. We're gonna fill the sheet. -Can I have some? -And then look at this, Kenya. -Look at what I made earlier. 400 degrees it's about 15 minutes for the smaller ones. Woo. You don't like them do you? -Uh huh. -Can I have another brother, that one? They made great holiday gifts. Wow. You think your friends are gonna like this? I think so too. For more fast [unk] of recipes like these and more, check out -[unk]. -Uhm. -[unk]. -These are really good. -I said [unk]. -Look at Mike and smile. -No, no, no, no. I want--

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