Healthy Eating

You know the right foods to give your child, but busy schedules sometimes succumb to fast food and readymade conveniences. Try these easy ideas for healthy eating and find out why it's worth taking the time.

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4 Quick Tips to Make Your Kids' Snacks Healthier

To keep your kids snacking on the good stuff, follow these easy tips from celeb nutritionist and mom-of-two Keri Glassman.

15 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Better

A nutritionist (and mom of 7-year-old triplets!) gives tried-and-true tips for getting your kids to eat vegetables, drink milk, try new foods, and more.

The Obamas Will Produce a Food Show for Kids on Netflix

"Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents" comes from Higher Ground, a production company Barack and Michelle Obama launched last year.

10 Steps to Healthier School Food

Want to banish junk food from your child's school? Follow this plan and you can help put your school on the path to smart nutrition.

Mom-Tested Tips for Cutting Out Sugar From Your Family's Diet

Added sugars in your family’s favorite foods could be pushing everyone over their recommended daily allowance of the sweet stuff. Here’s how to stop eating so much sugar—without causing a rebellion

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A guide on what you should (and shouldn't!) eat for a healthy pregnancy. 

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If you want to set him up for a lifetime of good health, it’s essential to bolster the bacteria in his belly. As a microbiologist and a mom, I’ve got five science-based strategies for doing just that. 

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I'll give you one guess why school breakfast drives me bananas.