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Give your child the nutrients he needs to grow up big and strong with these ideas for healthy meals, snacks, and more. Plus: What you need to know about your child's school lunch.

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Kids Are Eating More Processed Foods Than Ever Before, Study Says
"Ultra-Processed" foods are easy (and tasty!)—but too much may be harmful to health. Here's what parents need to know.
Impossible Burger Is Coming to School Lunch—Here Are the Nutrition Facts Parents Need to Know
The mock-meat burger gets the OK to be served in K-12 cafeterias. But are Impossible Burgers healthy for kids? A dietitian breaks down what they're made of and how they fit into a nutritious diet.
5 Little Things to Do to Foster Better Eating Habits in Kids
It's normal to worry about your kid's eating habits. Experts offer tips to help encourage a positive mindset in your kiddo's diet.
Why Your Kid Is Addicted to Sweets and How to Strike a Balance
Pandemic parenting has turned us into pushovers when kids ask for sugary snacks. Which seems to happen, oh, every five minutes. Here, experts unpack the emotions (your kids’ and your own) and the science (surprise: kids are hardwired to love the stuff) to land on a sweet spot for all.

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Schools Are Struggling to Feed Our Kids—Here's What You Can Do to Help
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on, companies, cafeteria workers, and government agencies have been working tirelessly to feed children—and get food to the millions of kids eligible for free or reduced-price school meals. But there's much work still to be done.
School Lunch Debt Should Be Banned
Lunch debt leaves kids hungry and emotionally scarred. And students shouldn't be punished for their socioeconomic circumstances. Here's what needs to change.

Indiana Kindergartner 'Lunch-Shamed' for Not Having Enough Money for Her $2.25 Meal

Anya Howard said her classmates laughed at her after a cafeteria worker sent her to the back of the line for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.