How to Treat a Sprain or Strain

Kid has a sprain or strain? Don't panic! Learn the four things you need to do to treat these two common injuries, plus when to seek medical advice.


[MUSIC] Sprains and strains are common, and luckily they're treated the same way. What to do now? Remember R, I, C, E. Rest the injured body part, lie low for a few days, and let the healing begin. Ice the area for about 20 minutes at a time, followed by about 20 minutes off. Compress the area, in between icing, wrap the area in a elastic wrap such as an ace bandage to combat swelling. Elevate the injured body part up on pillows so it's above the heart. What to do next? Ice and elevate for 20 minutes at a time, at least four times a day until the pain and swelling go away. Ask you pediatrician about pain relievers, such as Ibuprofen. Call your doctor if your child gets a fever, which is a sign of infection, or if the pain is intense or doesn't improve in a day or two. He could have a severe sprain or even a fracture. [MUSIC]

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