How to Remove a Splinter

Splinters can be tough to remove, but these smart steps can make the process safer and easier.


[MUSIC] Splinters not only hurt, but they can be really tricky to get out. What to do now? Wash your hands so this boo-boo doesn't turn into an infection. For a tiny splinter, gently press a piece of tape over the tip and pull it off in the direction the splinter went in. For large splinters, use tweezers cleaned with rubbing alcohol. If it's buried, use a clean needle to expose it then grab it with the tweezer tip. Good lighting and a magnifying glass will help. Pull the splinter out at the same angle it entered the skin. What to do next? Wash the area and apply some antibiotic ointment. Still stuck? Or is the splinter gone, but there's pain, redness, swelling or oozing? Call your doctor. [MUSIC]

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