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Urgent Care vs. ER: Where to Go for 8 Common Kid Health Emergencies

Doctors breakdown the differences between the care your kid will get in your hospital's ER vs. your local urgent care clinic and take the guesswork out of knowing where to go in an emergency.
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5-Year-Old Boy Who Was Thrown Off Mall of America Balcony Is 'Continuing to Fight' for His Life

"He is the sweetest kindest 5-year-old you will ever meet. He instantly brings a smile to everybody he meets," a family friend described the child.
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Son Shares Heartbreak After His Mom and Sister Are Killed in YouTube Star's Wrong-Way Crash

Aileen and Aryana were in their Hyundai SUV last Thursday when a McLaren sports car driven by 18-year-old Trevor Heitmann ran into them in a head-on collision.
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Concussion Expert's Warning: Avoid These Six Sports For Your Kids

The big six are football, ice hockey, rugby, wrestling, boxing, and mixed martial arts. But lacrosse and soccer are dangerous, too.
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Boy Channels "The Rock" to Save Little Brother From Drowning

A 10-year-old boy saved his brother from drowning by drawing inspiration from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's movie—and the little guy earned the actor's approval.
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Mom's Post Warns About the Dangers of Trampoline Parks for Toddlers

It's a reminder that, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, children under 6 shouldn't use a trampoline.
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Warning: Essential Oils Are Poisoning More and More Kids

Don't assume just because essential oils are naturally derived they can't cause your child serious harm.
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Concussion Doc: Don't Let Your Kids Play Football

Dr. Bennet Omalu says parents shouldn't let kids under the age of 18 play football.
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