When can my child use a shower?

Q: When will my child be able to shower instead of bathe?

A: Your child can switch from baths to showers as soon as he's capable of doing so safely and getting himself thoroughly clean (this includes washing and rinsing his hair and cleaning his private parts). We suggest following your child's lead here and waiting until he actually shows an interest in showering, since many kids love splashing around during tub time. Most children don't start asking about the shower until after they start elementary school, around age 6 or 7. When you do start allowing your child to shower, make sure you outfit the tub with a nonslip bath mat (if you don't already have one). Remind your child that showering is a grown-up privilege and that goofing around and playing games in there is very dangerous and could cause him to get hurt. Teach your child never to lock the bathroom door while he's showering, and stay within earshot to make sure everything's okay in there.

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