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Protect your child's pearly whites with our oral report on everything from controlling cavities to greeting the tooth fairy.

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Dad Pens Hilarious Tooth Fairy Note to Critique His Son's Brushing

Barry T. Tooth Fairy was none too pleased with the condition of a London's boy's tooth after he received it.
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6 Questions About Kids' Teeth—Answered

When should I take my baby to the dentist? Is flossing really necessary? Find these answers and learn more about your child's dental hygiene habits.
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Loose Baby Tooth? Top Advice from Dentists

When your kid's baby teeth start wiggling, don't lose your cool. Brush up on the latest advice from dentists.
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Should Your Child Get Dental Sealants?

Dentists say they're a great way to prevent cavities. This is how to know whether they're right for your child's teeth.
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Losing Baby Teeth

The loss of baby teeth is an exciting milestone for little kids. Here's what to expect when the tooth fairy comes to call.
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Brace Yourself: The Facts About Dental Braces for Kids

Your kid's dentist will probably suggest a trip to the orthodontist. Brush up on the facts before you go.
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