Get Fairytale Hair: How to Do a French and Fishtail Braid

Looking for a fun and easy hairstyle to try? In this video, we give you step-by-step instructions to do a French and fishtail braid.


[MUSIC] To begin create a deep side part. Then separate your hair into three sections and begin to french braid. Do so by pulling the right section over the middle and the left section the same way. And then add additional hair to each section as you go around to your ear. Next, gather all of your hair to one side, including the end of the french braid. Part your hair into two sections to begin fish-tailing. To do so, pull a small section hair from the back of one section and pull around to the front of the other. Then, repeat on the other side. Continue to do so for the rest of your hair. [MUSIC] Secure your hair with a hair tie and you have the complete look.

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