Q: My son (10) has been losing his baby teeth left and right! One last week and now another one. He hardly has any teeth left! The ones that fell out awhile ago have been coming in very slow and the others aren't even poking through. He has four top and four bottom front, but just a few molars. Its hard for him to chew cause theres no teeth! He does have hypothyroidism and is being treated and followed by an endocrinologist. The dentist didn't seem to say anything. Am I being a worry wart?

A: This might be a great question for your endocrinologist. Rarely, there can be unique genetic differences in children who lose baby teeth in unexpected patterns. Your son's hypothyroidism may also be a clue to determining if his tooth loss pattern is significant enough to warrant additional investigation. Most commonly, however, this pattern is simply a variation of a very normally growing boy.

Answered by Dr. Natasha Burgert



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