Q: My child has been complaining of a tingling sensation in his fingers and toes. What could be causing this?

A: Although it's generally not typical for a child to experience spontaneous tingling in his fingers and toes, before you start worrying, spend a few minutes asking questions about what your son is doing right before the tingling starts (ask him to tell you exactly what he was doing at school as well when the funny feeling set in). Remember that young school-age kids spend a lot of time on the floor and sometimes a "pins-and-needles" feeling can strike if your child simply sits in an odd position when he plays or during circle time. Some children also experience a tingling sensation in their extremities when they become very anxious and hyperventilate. If the sensation happens when your son has to present a book report in front of his class, say, or comes up to bat when the bases are loaded, that could be the answer. If neither of these scenarios seems to be the case, then you should talk to your pediatrician. Some conditions, like migraine headaches, have been known to cause fingers and toes to tingle.

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