My daughter was diagnosed with CPP. What can I expect?


My 7-year-old daughter has CPP (central precocious puberty). She is having vision problems. Is this a symptom of her CPP? What else can I expect?


The main symptoms that girls experience are breast development, with pubic hair appearing at the same time or shortly afterwards. She may also experience underarm hair and odor, and possibly some acne, but that is not terribly common. Also, height, weight, and bone growth all increase and the rapid growth can lead to growing pains and/or vision problems. Some do get menstrual cycles and pregnancy can occur. (The youngest pregnancy I know of was at age 5.) The medication Lupron should stop menstruation effectively as well as the rest of the maturation.

Mental development tends to stay on pace with their age, but emotional development swings between her age and puberty. Mood swings can be tough, but serious psychological problems are rare.

You may feel as if she is missing her childhood, but much of childhood is about play and not too much responsibility. It's about learning and exploring the world, and she still has a lot of opportunity for all of those core parts of childhood.

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