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Are you not quite sure what's wrong with your kid? We have all the info you need about fever, stomach problems, disease and infection, and more. The path to a healthy happy kid starts here.

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How I Became a Cancer Mom
Nothing can prepare a mother for her child's cancer diagnosis. But connecting with other Cancer Moms made this mother feel less alone and ready for the fight.
Is Mouth Breathing Bad for Children?
Mouth breathing has been linked to behavioral problems, facial and dental abnormalities, and even slower growth. The good news: causes of chronic mouth breathing are often treatable.
This 4-Year-Old Athlete CrossFits Like a Boss
Talk about fitness goals! This fit kid is crushing her workouts...and documenting them on social media.
Is MiraLax the Cause of 'Horrifying' Changes Parents Are Seeing in Their Kids?
Parents have reported being "horrified" by the changes they've seen in their kids after taking the popular laxative. Here's what the experts say.
Cancer Centers Issue National Call: Parents, Vaccinate Your Kids for HPV
Cancer centers have banded together to back the recently revised HPV vaccination guidelines.

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A school initiative to help kids lose weight is having the opposite effect, according to a new report.