These Cute KN95 Masks for Kids Keep Selling Out, but You Can Get Them Now for 30% Off

Celeb-loved brand Maskc is about to be your kids' favorite, too.
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Public health experts have been full of advice lately about how a high-quality, multi-layer mask like a KN95 can provide very necessary protection from the spread of COVID-19, especially as we wait for that vaccine to get approved for our little ones. Following that advice in real life, especially where our kids are concerned, is not always so easy. Not only do parents and caregivers need to find affordable face masks for kids that fit comfortably, but it's also helpful if they look good enough that picky children will want to put them on and keep them on all day.

For a while, KN95 masks for kids were in short supply. And when we could find them, we couldn't always be sure that we were buying the real thing. Once we nailed those criteria, we've often been snapping up as many of those white masks as we could. But Maskc has something better for us and our kids. The company made its name earlier in the pandemic for its pleated surgical-style disposable face masks that come in such stylish and playful prints and colors that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have been photographed wearing them. When the company branched out into KN95s—the Chinese-made masks lauded for having a 95-percent-or greater filtration level—other celebs like Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian, and Jennifer Garner made them even more highly coveted. 

But we highly doubt that your kids care who or what the Jennifers put on their faces. What they will care about is that Maskc makes KN95 masks for kids in some very non-boring colors and prints. Our personal fave is the rainbow version, but they are also available in black, navy, magenta, blue camouflage, and rose quartz

Credit: Maskc

To buy: Rose Quartz Kids KN95 Face Mask (10-pack), $25.20 with code (originally $36);  

And what you'll care about, parents, is the fact that you can get 30 percent off these masks, when you use the code PARENTS30 at checkout. Oh, that, and the fact that these are five-layer masks made with a non-woven exterior and a soft, skin-friendly interior layer that's breathable but secure with an adjustable nose bridge. 

At this price, you'll want to stock up on masks for your kids and yourselves, too. It's not every day we can pull off the same look as a Kardashian—and feel like we're making our communities and our families safer as we do so.