Head Lice

Here's everything you need to know about head lice, including what it is, how to treat it, and how to get rid of it.

Best Ways to Fight Lice

You've discovered the little bugs in your child's hair. Now what?

What Nits and Lice Look Like

It's easier to get rid of these parasites when you know what you're looking for.

Lice-Removal Tips: Secrets of a Nitpicker

Try these surefire techniques from a school nurse who has seen it all (and then combed it away).

Head Lice FAQs

What are head lice and how can you get rid of them?

Dr. Alan Greene on Signs of Head Lice

We were exposed to lice. When will I know if we caught it?

Lice Lessons

Those little buggers can be tough to beat, but this guide to safe and effective treatments will help you ditch the itch.

Dr. Alan Greene on Head Lice

How do kids get head lice and what's the best treatment?

How Lice Is Spread

What to do -- and what not to do -- to get rid of your child's head lice

How to Identify and Treat Lice

Know how to properly check and treat your child for head lice. Video courtesy of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice

Lice are tiny insects that commonly live on the scalp and cause itching. Learn how to spot the signs of head lice and eliminate them for good.

My 'Fairy Tales' Ending With Lice...So Far

Here's hoping these prevention tips can help your kids stay bug-free, too.

Whoa: Now There's a Way to Track Head Lice Outbreaks in Your Area!

Find out in real time where head lice are wreaking havoc and if you should check your kids ASAP.

Signs of Head Lice

If your family hasn't been visited by this annoying (and unfortunately common) parasite yet, you'll need to know how to spot them.

Don't Bug Out, but Most OTC Lice Treatments Don't Really Work Anymore

Overuse of common lice treatments have rendered them ineffective, according to a new study.

Ack! Head Lice is Even Harder to Treat Now

Researchers have found that head lice in at least 25 states have evolved and now show resistance to widely-used over-the-counter treatments.

10 Reasons to Chill About Lice (Seriously)

A case of head lice may seem like the worst hair day ever, but don't let it put you over the edge. Here's why you can (sort of) relax.

Dad Says Delta Airlines Kicked Family Off Flight for Child's Head Lice: Fair or Not?

The family discovered mid-flight that their son had head lice and were told they would be barred from boarding their connecting flight because of the bugs.