What Kids Love

A video about what kids love in their lives. By Ryan Marshall created for FamilyFun magazine.


-I love my sister. -With eyes wide open I see the sun shining its clear, clear light on the-- -I love changing things. -And we move around [unk] on the run. Even in the age of 1. -I love to play with your daughter. -I love [unk]. -Every answer will be discover to the [unk] thunder I'll be in that [unk]. -I love dogs and my [unk]. -When I grow up I'll be your lucky man. I'll get to steal the ship, I'll get to lead the band until then I'm happy where I am. Living in the [unk]. -I love swimming. -I love to spin. -[unk] swing. -I love wakeboarding. -A wonderland-- -I love fishing with my Dad. -Every Sunday drive is a [unk]. -I love [unk]. -Ship and rocking chair. I guess I'm in the age of wonder. -I love to dance. -I can see it all from here, let the past is just [unk]. -I love to read. -In the air. You've got to live and love with [unk]. -I love photography. -But you're in the age of wonder.

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