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It's important to get kids with mental health problems the help that they need. Learn about anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, and more.

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4 Things Parents Can Expect From Their Kids When They Go Back to School During the Pandemic

Parents are already well aware that the 2020-2021 school year will look a lot different in terms of health and safety precautions. But here are the mental and emotional challenges experts say kids might be dealing with, plus ways to help them cope.

7 Signs Your Child Should See a Therapist, According to Child Psychologists

Experts explain situations when starting therapy may be the best way to support your child during stressful times, and how to find the best mental health professional near you.

10 Ways to Feel Less Isolated as a Parent While Social Distancing

Although social distancing is imperative for contending with this global pandemic, parents everywhere are craving connection. Here's what experts say you can do to reduce any feelings of isolation and loneliness.

3 Free Meditation Practices to Try During Your Lunch Break

Trying to get over that mid-day slump? Even the busiest parents can squeeze these free meditation practices into their lunch break. The result is a clearer mind, reduced stress, and better concentration.

Raising a Child With Emetophobia: How to Cope With a Fear of Vomiting

An intense anxiety about vomiting has a name—emetophobia. And my 8-year-old daughter has it. Luckily, there are ways for her to cope.

How to Talk to Your Child About Suicide

Talking with your child about suicide can be difficult, but it is essential and may even be life-saving. Here's how to address the subject to kids of every age.

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I Lost My Son to Mental Illness, But I'm Fighting So No Other Parent Has to Feel My Pain

My son had his first psychotic break at 17 and he was threatening to carry out a school shooting. I immediately intervened, but the years that followed were a roller coaster. I lost my beloved son by suicide when he was 24 years old. Now I've made it my mission to fight for mental health reform.

Gaming Disorder Is Sending Kids to Emergency Rooms: Here Are the Warning Signs

Here's what you need to know about gaming disorder, its warning signs, and what to do if you believe your child is suffering from it.

Olympian Kelly Catlin's Suicide Draws Attention to Concussions and Their Impact On Mental Health

Olympic Cyclist Kelly Catlin's suicide is drawing attention to brain injuries and their ties to mental health.