Mental Health

It's important to get kids with mental health problems the help that they need. Learn about anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, and more.

6 Tips to Raise an Optimist

Wondering how to raise an optimistic child? After all, kids who see the glass as half full are better at dealing with life's challenges--and happier too. Here's six tips to help yours develop a sunny outlook on life.

Why and How to Teach Your Kids Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can help kids learn to focus, manage stress, regulate emotions, and develop a positive outlook. Here's how to teach them the skill.

Is My Child Depressed?

If your child seems sadder than usual, learn how to spot the signs of childhood depression and get the proper treatment.

Is My Child Suicidal? Warning Signs of Suicide in Children

Worried that your preteen may be suicidal? Learn how to spot the warning signs of suicide to get your child needed help.

Parents Who Fight in Front of Kids May Do More Harm Than They Think

A new study says arguing in front of kids may alter the way they think.

Are Your Kids Working Harder Than You Are?!

New evidence suggests kids are overscheduled, and for the wrong reasons.

Back to School: How to Help Kids Who Cry Easily

If you have a sensitive child, help curb the tears with these coping strategies.

Special Needs: Should You Worry About Your Child?

One in four moms of typically developing kids wonder whether their child needs to be evaluated because of a potential developmental disorder, our survey revealed. If you're one of them, ask yourself these questions.

Navigating the Children's Special Needs System

As a parent of a child with speech and social-emotional delays who's been through the process of early intervention, I can tell you firsthand that finding help doesn't have to be overwhelming or scary. There's plenty of support for your child -- and for you, too.

Study: Mindfulness Might Help Prevent Childhood Obesity

A new study suggests that mindfulness can be effective in combatting obesity in children.

Back to School: Handling Worries

Heading back to school? Follow these four tips to help your child cope with school anxiety.

The Key Sign That Could Mean Your Preschooler Is Depressed

New research looks at how young kids at risk for depression react to rewards.

This Mom's Powerful Post About Body Image Will Shake You to the Core

This popular mom blogger's post about her eating disorder past, and her hopes for her daughters' futures, goes way deep.

What Kids Love

A video about what kids love in their lives. By Ryan Marshall created for FamilyFun magazine.

Depression Is on the Rise in Teens, Especially Among Girls

New research says there's been a rise in depression among adolescents and young adults in the last decade.

76 Percent of Parents Say Their Kid Is Under Too Much Stress From School

New research reveals some startling stats about how parents feel when it comes to their kid's academic workload.

Have Your Kids Do This Now to Avoid Depression Later On

Researchers have found exercise has long-term benefits for kids' mood and may help prevent depression down the road.

There May Be a 'Sweet Spot' for Teens' Screen Time

New findings out of the UK show that there may be a digital "sweet spot" where screen time is not harmful and could even benefit teens' well being.

AAP: Screen All Kids for Cholesterol, Depression, and HIV

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released new recommendations for universal health screening for kids.

Should Kids Get Screened for Anxiety in School?

The Child Mind Institute is on a mission to make school mental health screenings as standard as eye exams.

What to Do If You Think Your Child Could Have a Mental Health Disorder

All parents worry at one time or another that their kid seems off. As one brave parent shares her story, experts illuminate what it takes to diagnose one of the most common childhood health problems: mental illness.

7 Pink Flags That Could Signal a Behavioral or Emotional Disorder in Your Child

They're not glaring signs of mental illness, but these behaviors could be indicators that there is something going on.

My Son Was Diagnosed With Depression--This Is What Life Is Like

Angie Duray has survived some of the scariest moments any mom could imagine--and she's more hopeful now than ever before.

3 Treatments That Help Children With Mental Illness

Our expert sources all cited these options as particularly effective in children with mental illness.