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It's important to get kids with mental health problems the help that they need. Learn about anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, and more.

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How to Help Kids Deal with Social Anxiety 

Social anxiety is more than just shyness. Children with the disorder feel extremely uncomfortable in social settings, and in some cases, it can hinder their ability to perform everyday tasks. Here's everything parents need to know—including how the pandemic could trigger symptoms.

How I Talked to My Teen About Suicide—And How You Can Do It Better

My daughter battled depression for eight years before a conversation when she was 17 years old made me realize she could die by suicide. Here's what I learned about how parents like me can talk to their children about their suicidal thoughts.

8 Ways to Raise Mentally Strong Kids

All children face mental health challenges at some point in their lives. Here's what parents can do to help their kids build a strong foundation for mental wellness.

Remote Learning Could Be Hurting Teenagers' Mental Health—Here's How to Spot Warning Signs in Your Child

A recent New York Times story noted a cluster of suicides in Clark County, Nevada that may have prompted the re-opening of schools. There's no hard data linking remote learning to suicide but experts say teens are struggling right now. Here's why—and how you can help.

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How to Talk to Your Child About Suicide

Talking with your child about suicide can be difficult, but it is essential and may even be life-saving. Here's how to address the subject to kids of every age.