Raising a kid with autism has its own set of concerns and challenges. Here's what you need to know about diagnosis, screening, and living with autism. Get the advice and support to help your child thrive.

The Boy Who Couldn't Make Friends

Meet Robert Vaughn, a 9-year-old with Asperger's syndrome who is fascinated by the details of astrophysics -- but can't have a simple conversation with another child.

Tips for Teaching Kids with Autism to Swim and How to Find Lessons Near You

Autistic kids can benefit tremendously from swimming lessons. Here, some practical tips on how to teach them to swim.

Children with Autism: The Parents Perspective

Parents talk about the struggles and triumphs of raising children with Autism. Families work every day to overcome challenges such as communication problems, sensory issues, temper tantrums, and societys pressure on Autism children. Video courtesy of

What Happens When Kids With Sensory Processing Disorder Grow Up?

A new book focuses on how "out of sync" teens and young adults--and their caregivers--can cope with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Understanding Autism: Sensory Issues

For people with Autism, one of the biggest setbacks can be sensory overload. Crowds, loud noises, and changes can all cause confusion or upset a child with sensory sensitivity. Video courtesy of

The Play's the Thing: Disabilities and the Arts

For a group of kids, including those who have autism and other disabilities, a unique theater program is setting the stage for acceptance, understanding, and friendship.

Living Life with Sensory Issues

Going about everyday life can be overwhelming for somebody living with sensory issues. For someone with autism, something simple like going to a restaurant can be a difficult experience. Video courtesy of

This New Wearable Device Could Warn You of a Possible Autistic Meltdown

This new wearable band tracks anxiety and other physiological signals so parents can stop kids' autistic meltdowns before they begin.

Understanding Autism: Developing Social Skills

Children with autism typically have problems developing a social skill set and friendships and often enjoy isolation. One ABA Behavioral-based social skills group uses positive reinforcements and corrective feedback to help young kids develop necessary "learning to learn"y behaviors that will impact their futures. Video courtesy of

Autism: Book and Website Resouces

These books and websites will help you and your family learn more about autism and related disorders.

Autism Behaviors Not Affected by Gluten-free Diet, Study Says

A new study suggests that a gluten- or casein-free diet does not have an affect on the behavior of children with autism.

3 Soothing Gadgets for Kids

Both experts and parents have observed that these gadgets can help relieve anxiety and improve focus in all kids--not just those with autism.

Re-thinking Autism, One Day at a Time

In the book Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism, author Barry Prizant makes a point about methods of caregiving that just seek to manage behaviors, rather trying to understand the underlying causes for a behavior.

World's Largest Lego Titanic Replica, Built by Young Autistic Boy, on Display in Tennessee

The staggering model took 56,000 Lego bricks and 700 hours to complete.

Another Reason Not to Smoke: Autism Linked to Maternal Grandmother's Bad Habit

A new study has found that girls are 67 percent more likely to be diagnosed with autism if her grandmother smoked while pregnant.

Sesame Workshop Just Took Another Huge Step to Promote Inclusivity Toward Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Sesame Place was named the first autism-certified theme park. The brand's mission is to help all children grow stronger, smarter, and kinder.