What Do Kids Really Think About School?

Although homework can be a big pain, there are so many things to love about school.


[MUSIC] [LAUGH] It's fun to learn. Monkey bars. Math. Recess. It's kind of fun. [INAUDIBLE] hard work. [MUSIC] Who is your favorite teacher? My favorite teacher is Miss Joston. My favorite teacher's name is Miss [INAUDIBLE] because she's very nice. Because And she pretty much lets us do anything. The best thing is learning at school and eating lunch. My friend Anna. Why? Because she's a girl and I don't like [MUSIC] She talks nice. [Caption on screen]: What's the worst thing about school? Worst thing about school is when you get sent to the principal's office even though I have never Homework's the worst thing about school. Science. [MUSIC] I'm looking forward to writing. New friends. To go in third grade and be bigger and stronger. [MUSIC]

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