Tips on Reading to Your Baby

Don't skip the bedtime story, because reading is one of the most important things you can do to encourage your munchkin's language development. Here are seven tips for reading to your baby.


[MUSIC] A lot of parents assume it might be a waste of time to read to an infant because she isn't capable of focusing on a whole book. But I'm here to tell you that reading everyday and right from birth is one of the most important ways to further your child's language development. And here are seven tips on reading to your baby. In the early months, your child will respond best to high contrast patterns in books. Look for black and white, as well as red colors. Don't feel that you need to read a book from start to finish. Since your baby doesn't have that long of an attention span. The goal is to get your child comfortable with the idea of reading. Flip to a page and point to the things you see. Oh, look at the pretty flowers! And oh, there's the sun. A book is a nice starting point for a conversation with your child. Even if you don't read all of the text,. Or any of it. And let your child explore as you read. It's fine if he puts a board book in his mouth. See if he can hold it, and when he gets a little older he might even turn the pages. If she seems interested, you can read the story, and even if she doesn't understand all the words, she might start to recognize some of them. As you read together. Have fun, make silly sounds like, animal noises, and use the same sing songy voice to narrate that you're using when you talk to your child. Make reading part of your daily routine at bed time and quiet time, and you'll get your child hooked on books. While building her language skills. [MUSIC]

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