Jarrett Krosoczka's Tips for Encouraging Reluctant Readers

Jarrett Kroscozka, author and illustrator of the popular Lunch Lady and Platypus Police Squad series, shares his tips for encouraging a love of reading in kids.


Hi. I'm Jared Krazoska. I'm the author and illustrator of more than 25 books for young readers, and I'm here today with Family Fun to talk to you about reaching the reluctant reader. I visit close to 100 schools per year, and I get the same question from parents and teachers and caretakers. They all wanna know how do they get. Their reluctant reader psyched about reading. Well, when I was a kid, I loved to read comics. I would rip through the comic strip section of the newspaper everyday. And if I couldn't get a ride to the comic book store, I would walk, and it was a mile and a half each way. And now as a parent I've learned that you just need to keep books in all rooms of the house. My wife and I make sure that all of our children's books are on the bottom book shelf where they can reach them, or in baskets in various rooms. And one day our daughter got really sad because she couldn't read the words of the book that she had. So, I sat down with her and I explained that she could read the pictures. Visual literacy is also really important. And because she was able to follow along with the pictures, and learn about the story through the art, she gained confidence. And that confidence eventually led to her reading early readers all by herself. A few of our favorite books are in the February issue of Family Fun Magazine. So check out. Our graphic novel picks in the February issue. I hadn't said that, so you can edit [LAUGH] did I say the February issue? [MUSIC]

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