3 Things to Help Kids Read

Reading is an important life skill, and young children need a lot of practice in and out of the classroom. Learn what 3 things parents should do in order to help their kids read.


[MUSIC] I think reading is a very powerful tool for children. It's imperative that we start before the child's born. Reading out loud, so that we can hear the voice. I think that reading to children as soon as they're born. Newspapers comic books, anything that's appropriate, and, and can bring collaboration and togetherness. Togetherness is really important. One of the most important things, I think, is just making sure that you talk a lot, and explain whatever's being read to children. Words are very powerful. And there's so many meanings that it can always benefit the child to understand what's being said to them. And I think, most importantly is just to enjoy it, just enjoy it. It's a, it's a journey, and you can open up a book and tell your own story, and forget what the words are in print, and take your own magic carpet ride if you want to. [MUSIC]

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