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Middle school years can be a challenge. Help kids stay focused on their studies with these ideas for changing bodies and growing minds.

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There's a Special Education Teacher Shortage—Here's How it Affects Black Disabled Students
There's a national shortage of special education teachers. Heather Clarke, a disability rights activist and professor of early childhood and special education, says Black disabled students face particular risks. But there's hope. 
A Black Student Was Frustrated With His Hair, So His Minnesota Teacher Cut It
After the 12-year-old's mom said his hair was cut in class without her permission, Black men in his community stepped up to help.
3 Ways to Make Your Child's School More LGBTQ+ Friendly
Parents and adult caregivers are the greatest advocates to help children feel supported and included in their education. Here are ways you can work with your school's administration to bring representation into the classroom.
7 Ways to Prepare Your Kid for First Day of Middle School
Even in a normal year, the move up to middle school can be jarring for kids and parents. But this year, the pandemic is upending every aspect of school. Here's how you can still feel prepared as a family.
Here's Why My Kids' Transition to Middle School Hit Me the Hardest
Rebecca Eanes, author of The Gift of a Happy Mother, reveals why life with big kids hurts the most.
Get Up and Learn! Physical Activity Helps Kids Master Math and Spelling
A new study finds incorporating physical activity into learning boosts test scores in certain subject areas.

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