7 Kindergarten Math Worksheets to Print at Home

Improve your child's counting, addition, shape-recognition, pattern skills, and more with these free printable kindergarten math worksheets.

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Kindergarten is a time of great learning. Kids get to try new things and practice basic academic skills. Math fundamentals like counting, number recognition, writing numerals, simple math facts, and identifying numbers and shapes are all concepts learned in kindergarten. These math skills can be reinforced through fun activities you can do with your child at home. Try these free math worksheets to help your child explore and master these important concepts.

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Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots Kindergarten Math Worksheet

By the end of the school year, kindergarteners should recognize numerical versions of numbers up to 20. To start practicing this skill, print out this "connect the dots" worksheet. Your child can complete the drawing of this adorable duck and color it in afterward!

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Counting Shapes

Counting Shapes Kindergarten Math Worksheet

Not only does this kindergarten counting worksheet reinforce basic math skills, but it also improves knowledge of shapes like circles, diamonds, stars, triangles, and pentagons. Encourage your student to write the total number of each shape in the corresponding box after they count them.

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What Comes Next?

What Comes Next? Kindergarten Math Worksheet
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With this worksheet, your child can fill in the blanks with the next number in the sequence. (Or if you're seeking kindergarten addition worksheets, they can add the two numbers to find the sum.) The bottom of the worksheet has a separate activity: filling in flowers from one to eight.

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Trace the Numbers

Number Tracing Kindergarten Math Worksheet
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Is your child learning to write numbers? Help them out with this kindergarten math worksheet, which involves tracing numbers between one and five.

Note: You can also reuse the completed worksheet as a kindergarten addition activity—simply cut out each numbered square, shuffle them, and pull out two at a time. Your child can then add the single-digit numbers together.

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What's the Missing Number?

Fill in Blanks Kindergarten Math Worksheet
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Fill in these shining stars from one to 16. Many kindergarteners struggle with "teen numbers," so this worksheet provides some much-needed practice. If they need a little more help at first, you can provide more "dot" numbers for them to trace. Once they've mastered that, you can print out the sheet again and let them fill in the blank stars.

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Number Matching

Matching Kindergarten Math Worksheet

By this age, your student should recognize numbers in different forms: written words, visual pictures, and numerical digits. This kindergarten math worksheet helps them make the connection. Simply match the components on the worksheet by drawing lines or color coding.

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Pattern Play

Pattern Kindergarten Math Worksheet
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To reinforce the concept of patterns, encourage your child to circle the shape that comes next. You can also turn the page into a geometry and addition worksheet for kindergarteners: How many total four-sided shapes are on the page? How many round shapes do you see?

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