Welcome to kindergarten! Now that you're starting school, we have everything you need to know about helping your child succeed from expectations to discipline to nurturing a lifelong learner.

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8 Ways to Prepare Your Child for the First Day of Kindergarten

With a few simple routine changes and fun activities, you can be sure your kindergartener is ready for the first day of school no matter where it's going to take place.

Kindergarten Math Prep: 5 Skills Your Child Will Learn

Here's what your kindergartner will learn in school when it comes to numbers, plus how you can support their new skills at home with fun, simple math activities and games.

7 Kindergarten Math Worksheets to Print at Home

In kindergarten, your child will learn about counting, single-digit addition, shape recognition, patterns, measurements, and more. Improve their skills with these seven free printable kindergarten math worksheets.

10 Fun Math Activities for Kindergarteners

Improve your kindergartener’s math skills with these easy at-home activities. They’ll practice counting, simple addition, shape recognition, measurements, and more.

Why Classroom Clip Charts Do More Harm Than Good

Kindergarteners are the newest bunch of students to come face to face with clip charts, visual charts that track their behavioral progress. The result? Embarrassment and anxiety around learning.

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A Kindergarten Age Guide for Parents: When Kids Should Start School

The age of kindergarteners in the U.S. ranges from 4 to 6 years old depending on lots of factors. Here's what to know when deciding the right age for your child to start school.

Back to School Tips for Parents: A Grade By Grade Guide

Here's your grade-by-grade guide to help you and your kiddo feel ahead of the game this school year. Ready, set, you’ve got this!

Too Much Screen Time May Impact Brain Development in Kids

A new study has found a link between screen time and brain development in preschoolers. Here's what concerned parents need to know.