Welcome to kindergarten! Now that you're starting school, we have everything you need to know about helping your child succeed from expectations to discipline to nurturing a lifelong learner.

Thrive in 2025: Holding Kids Back for Success

More and more parents are waiting an extra year to enroll their child in kindergarten. Is a late start a smarter start?

Too Much Screen Time May Make Kids Less Ready for Kindergarten

A new study has found a link between screen time and kids' fundamental school-readiness skills in math, letters and words, and cognitive and social-emotional competencies.

How to Help Your Kid Succeed in a Dual-Language Program

Parent involvement is an important element for success in a dual-language program. We have some tips on ways you can help your child.

10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for School

Banish first-day jitters for your child and for yourself!

Why I Hate Kindergarten Redshirting

I can choose whether to send my daughter to kindergarten or hold her back a year. But I wish I didn't have to.

3 Tips to Prepare Your Child to Ride the School Bus

Help your child get used to riding to and from school without you.

The One Reason Your Kid May Not Really Be Ready for Kindergarten

Self-regulation is crucial to helping kids get an early jump on education, so the kids who develop later are already behind.

This Mom's School Bus-Safety Rap Is Awesome

Mom blogger Deva Dalporto takes on the importance of drivers stopping for school buses in a video parodying "Bust a Move."

10 Signs You're a PTA Drop-Out

You're so grateful that the Parent Teacher Association makes everything run smoothly at your child's school--and you're even more thrilled they're obviously doing just fine without you. Here's 10 clear signs you might be a PTA drop-out.

What Your Child Will Learn in Kindergarten

These days, kindergarten has more of an academic focus than it did in the past. Your little learner will be reading, writing, and learning basic math, while still having time for fun during her school year in kindergarten.

Why Kindergarten Redshirting Was Right for Our Son

Delaying entry for kindergarten is common--and controversial. But it was the right decision for our family.

Formerly Conjoined Twins Given 20 Percent Chance of Survival at Birth Start Kindergarten

Rosie and Ruby's mom says sometimes she forgets her girls were ever conjoined.

Kids Explain Friendship

No opinion is more honest than one of a child. Watch these cuties gush about their ideas of friendship!

Girl Wears 67-Year-Old Dress To First Day Of Kindergarten

What a sweet tradition: 19 girls in one family have worn this adorable, handmade dress on their first day of school.

Why Classroom Clip Charts Do More Harm Than Good

Kindergarteners are the newest bunch of students to come face to face with clip charts, visual charts that track their behavioral progress. The result? Embarrassment and anxiety around learning.

This Sweet New Video Reminds Us Playtime Is Learning Time, Too

Fisher-Price's heartwarming video shows real kids learning about the world through play.