Income's Impact on Education

What impact does income have on elementary, middle school, and high school educational opportunities?


-When I grow up, I wanna be an aerospace engineer or a pediatric neurosurgeon. Math being of my passion it's fun for me. So, whenever I'd finished a big problem, I got really excited. Is that nerdy? -Family income makes a difference to people's education opportunities. The best performers from the low-income families go to college at a lower rate than even though lower performers from the high-income families. We have an entire generation of kids not even making it out of high school. Some of them aren't even making that in middle school. -Our kids have too many obstacles in the way and sometimes it's their own school. The students may not have enough books. Science teachers don't have Science equipment. It's just a lack of resources. -My school has 4,000 students. It's only supposed to hold about 2,000. My peers don't really care about the education. When they go to school, all they see is stressed teachers, yelling, cops. It's just more of a jail. The dropout rate in my school is closed to 70%. Many of my friends could be part of that 70%. You never know I might be part of that 70%. -The critical factor that breaks the chain of people generationally staying in poverty is that education, you know, must intervene. -I'm part of a program called a NAI, which is neighborhood academic initiative. It prepares us for college and it gives us all the support we're not getting from school. In the mornings, we go to USC for first 2 classes, Math and English. Then on Saturdays, it's where we get all the college pet. -NAI since 1997, 99% of our students have gone on to college. It changes the question for these students from am I going to college to which college am I going to. -We've made investments 40 or 50 years ago had lifted an entire generation of kids. The problem is since then we've stagnated. The rest of the world is not satisfied with where things stand in their own countries and so what we see in places like China, India and all over the world are countries making enormous investments in the education of their people. If we don't start accelerating, it's only a matter of time that we're gonna have our next Sputnik moment. -I've seen my parents have a lot of struggles just because they didn't complete the education. That's one of the things that motivates me. I really wanna go to MIT. I want to end that like cycle. -The American Dream is not something we can take for granted. It's something that we have to nurture and build. Whether or not, it is gonna be a reality for all people. It's something that's up to us.

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