Best Practices for Homework

Help your child tackle homework most effectively. Here are some best practices to follow.


[MUSIC] Well in my school, for instance, we have a red homework folder. So what I would ask my parents to do on curriculum night, is to check their child's folder each night. And that would be really helpful, so they would know not only what the homework is, but they would also know the notices that were given out. Speaking as a parent myself, I spend a lot of time with my son sitting by him. He had a lot of anxiety, as a lot of children do with homework, especially when he was very young. Eventually he got over it but that's because, again, what I would say to parents is to be supportive. Sitting next to your child, helping them along. Sometimes homework can be a very lonely activity. I think making it a team effort can sometimes be very, very helpful. Mostly what this very important that the parents really know what's going on in school. That they know the homework policy. And mostly the schools have the homework policy. Also, what I feel is very important to teach children organization skills. [MUSIC]

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