When your child would rather be hanging out with friends, homework can be the ultimate drag. But those extra minutes and hours logged at home can help your kid get a leg up in the classroom. Here, the case for homework and how to help your kid succeed.

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Parents Are Asking for No Homework Before Middle School—Here's What Experts Say
After over a year and a half of pandemic stress, some parents are taking a stand against homework for kids grades K-5. Here's what experts have to say.
Major Study Links Using Smartphones for School Work With Lower Grades
Students who rely on smartphones for homework help were more likely to receive lower grades on exams—and see issues with retention over time, according to a study by Rutgers University. But there's still hope for parents to instill good homework habits in kids.
Is Homework a Waste of Students’ Time? Study Finds It’s the Biggest Cause of Teen Stress
As the debate over the need for homework continues, a new study found that it’s the biggest cause of teen stress, leading to sleepless nights and poor academic performance.
This Mom's Viral Rant About Homework is So Spot On
We all want our children to grow up and succeed in the world, but this mom is so right when she says that homework is getting out of hand.
76 Percent of Parents Say Their Kid Is Under Too Much Stress From School
New research reveals some startling stats about how parents feel when it comes to their kid's academic workload.

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Homework Ruins Everything

Evenings look different once kindergarten hits.