Home Schooling

Are you considering home schooling? Here's what you need to know about curriculum, structuring your school days, expectations, testing, and more.

What Is Unschooling? A Parents Guide to Child-Led Home Education

A form of homeschooling, unschooling involves teaching children based on their interests rather than a set curriculum. Here, two experts answer your most pressing questions.
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I'm a Mom and a Teacher, and I'm Struggling to Homeschool My Kids Just as Much as You Are

My experience as a preschool acting teacher hasn’t made homeschooling my three kids any easier. This is what a typical day looks like and why cutting myself some slack is key to surviving this crazy time.
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Tips to Steal from a Homeschool Mom While School’s Closed for Coronavirus

I've homeschooled all three of my kids by choice for four years. Here is my advice on how to help your kids learn from home as their schools are shut down because of coronavirus.
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9 Things Parents Who Homeschool Want You to Know

Think homeschooling is for slacker families or those living off the grid? These moms and dads in the trenches set the record straight.
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More Home Schooling

What Is Homeschooling? A Guide for Parents and Students

More parents are now choosing to homeschool instead of sending their children to public or private schools. Learn more about the homeschooling movement and what's involved when parents educate their kids at home.
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The Best Homeschooling Resources Online

Whether you've made the decision to homeschool or you're still considering the option, here are resources to offer help and guidance.
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