High School

school dances, football games -- it's all part of the high school experience. Here's how to support your high school kid through these final years of education. Plus: Preparing for SATs, college applications, and more.

Calling All Girl Scientists! Marvel Launches Cool STEM Contest

Marvel Studios' new contest encourages teenage girls to develop STEM projects that could change the world.

Is Your Kid Being Bullied Into Skipping Lunch?

According to dietitians who work with children and some recent studies, a disturbing new trend in school cafeterias is kids being pressured to eat less than than they actually want--or not to eat lunch at all.

What Being a Dad for A Day Taught My Son

What did my son learn by taking care of a fake baby for 24 hours? Parenthood is nonstop (and kind of fun).

Survey Reveals Kids' Top Career Choices and STEM Comes Out on Top

STEM leads the pack followed closely by career paths in arts and athletics, though the gender gap persists in several fields.

Goodbye to Grades? Mastery-Based Learning Is Becoming the New Standard

A new learning strategy could be the end grades as we know it. But the individualized learning could make this revolutionary way to teach better for students.